Grief and Life

Life is hard. Be kind to each other and to yourself. Fight for equality for all. Stick up for the little guy.

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Why is change so hard?

I get an almost daily reminder that change can be difficult and scary for some people. Even small changes that don’t even affect the person can be a reminder of perceived “better days” and a quaint by-gone time (that I would argue never really existed). When I start my job almost four years ago, IContinue reading “Why is change so hard?”

Pushing Towards My Goals

I’ve come to realize that I will always have this problem. I am a dreamer and love to plan projects and do new things. I’m not so good at follow through and completing projects though. I tend to get overwhelmed or the newness wears off or my depression kicks in or life gets in theContinue reading “Pushing Towards My Goals”

Project Completion

I started a big project last month which is nearing completion. I decided to move all of my fragile or paper items out of the sump pump room in our basement into another room in the basement that is drier. This was a bigger project than I anticipated. I decided to go through every plasticContinue reading “Project Completion”

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